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What makes PURE INEKE unique?

PURE INEKE is THE go-to online store for the world’s finest and most gorgeous designer vegan handbags. Founded by Ineke Van Hullebusch, PURE INEKE is built on the all-pervasive ethos of ‘Vegan Living with Style’. Over the coming months you will see PURE INEKE evolve its offerings in many fabulous ways, enabling you, the conscious vegan woman, to create the ultimate vegan lifestyle for yourself, so that you can not only look and feel amazing as a vegan in the 21st century, but also be a radiant and inspiring example to others of exactly what ‘having it all’ translates to. Enjoy!

PURE INEKE’s philosophy

  • We believe that no animal should be mistreated or have to give its life for the sake of our luxury
  • We choose to offer only 100% vegan and PETA approved products
  • We have very high standards and only choose to work with brands that meet these standards in terms of ethics, vision, used materials, style and service
  • We call ourselves `classy revolutionaries` who love modern but always timeless designer handbag styles

With PURE INEKE it’s all about living your Ultimate Vegan Lifestyle and we want to give you the Ultimate Vegan Shopping Experience.