Who is Ineke?

Ineke Van Hullebusch is a fun-loving, dedicated, loyal, loving, compassionate and style-loving high-raw vegan who has a huge passion for animal welfare and fashion, and is committed to personal development in all areas of her life. Ineke is a lover of travel, music, reading, discovering new things, meeting new and interesting people, having deep conversations, inspiring and motivating people, and helping to make others’ lives healthier and more stylish through vegan living. She is also deeply passionate about health and fitness, and especially loves the almost immediate results that can be seen when eating a clean vegan diet.

As a child, Ineke loved baking and making beautiful plated salads; she had a dream to become a professional baker just like her father.

When she grew up, Ineke’s dream changed into becoming a very successful and independent business woman. So she got her Masters in Economics and Finance and started her career as an accountant in the corporate world. Soon she discovered that without knowing what, she wanted something else, and wanted to run her own business together with her husband Ralf. And so it happened, together they started a highly successful real estate business.

Ineke’s Journey to Veganism

Ineke’s vegan journey began in 2013, however, her journey towards veganism began at the age of four when she was “traumatised” by the first piece of rare red meat that was put in front of her. Throughout her childhood she never ate fish, and in her teens she didn’t like eating meat or eggs, however, because she was into fitness, she thought that she had to eat eggs, yogurt, chicken and turkey in order to get enough protein in her diet – and so she did.

Then, one day, in 2013, Ineke saw a post on social media that had a picture of a puppy on one side and a piglet on the other, with the thought-provoking caption, “Why love one and eat the other?”. With this question tugging at her, she went searching for more information, and found PETA videos online which she watched into the early hours of the morning, in shock and horror at what she was learning. She asked her husband Ralf if he knew that all of this was going on, and long story short, after much discussion, both Ineke and Ralf went vegan instantly. Even her 75 year young mother decided to go vegan with them.

Eating a 100% plant-based diet totally changed Ineke’s life. Not only was she feeling a lot better and more energetic and clear, she became less stressful, more grateful, and more compassionate towards people and animals. She simply became more aware of the value of her own life, and that of all living beings.

Ineke’s Passion for Raw Food

Ineke had her first raw meal at the end of 2014, and although it was a very simple meal, she was blown away by the taste and colours on her plate and she wanted to know more. That’s when she signed up for a course with “the Raw Chef” Russell James and famous raw chocolatier Amy Levin, to learn from the best.

The Birth of PURE INEKE

In 2015 Ineke and Ralf co-founded a very successful vegan restaurant because they wanted to introduce people to their lifestyle and educate them in a fun way. Motivated and inspired by all the positive feedback from their customers, Ineke wanted more. She felt the strong desire to reach beyond her native Belgium and out into the world at large, and to be able to create a ripple effect around veganism and raw food, and all of the positive benefits of a vegan lifestyle. That’s when PURE INEKE really started.

Since those early and formative days, PURE INEKE has turned into a complete one-stop for all things high-end and vegan, in order to showcase and make it possible for the world to not just go vegan and love it, but to create and fall in love with a vegan life that’s abundant in health, fitness, personal development, beauty and style.

Ineke’s “Why”

Ineke created PURE INEKE to lift veganism to a higher level, to show what’s really possible within a vegan diet and lifestyle, and to make it more mainstream. PURE INEKE is about showing people that living a vegan lifestyle is all about doing the best for yourself, for the animals, and for the planet – effectively the ultimate way to have it all, and specifically to live a life that is stylish, abundant, healthy, conscious and delicious.

Ineke lives with her husband Ralf and their cat PJ, and divides her time between her homes in Belgium and the USA.

Things you probably didn’t know about Ineke:

  • She was into semi professional fitness in her 20’s and 30’s
  • She collected over 500 cookbooks that she read as novels
  • She occasionally loves to indulge in a ristretto served in a cup rimmed with lemon
  • She dreams of traveling the USA and Canada with an Airstream
  • She believes that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and live your best life whether you want to change your own world or the entire planet.